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  • casting time the target can roll a d4 and add the number rolled to one ability check of its choice. It can roll the die before or after making the ability check. The spell then ends.;Quandrix Student
  • range

Artificer up to 1 minute;You touch one willing creature. Once before the spell ends

S;1 minute;A spectral

  • casting time open an unlocked door or container
  • range stow or retrieve an item from an open container

  • components or pour the contents out of a vial. You can move the hand up to 30 feet each time you use it.
    The hand can't attack
  • duration activate magical items

or carry more than 10 pounds. ;Quandrix Student

Artificer floating hand appears at a point you choose within range. The hand lasts for the duration or until you dismiss it as an action. The hand vanishes if it is ever more than 30 feet away from you or if you cast this spell again.
You can use your action to control the hand. You can use the hand to manipulate an object

S;Instantaneous;You create three glowing darts of magical force. Each dart hits a creature of your choice that you can see within range. A dart deals 1d4+1 force damage to its target. The darts all strike simultaneously and you can direct them to hit one creature or several.
At Higher Levels: When you cast this spell using a spell slot of 2nd level or higher

Artificer the spell creates one more dart for each slot above 1st. ;Quandrix Student

0;Guidance;Divination cantrip;1 action;Touch;V 0;Guidance;Divination cantrip;1 action;Touch;V
0;Mage Hand;Conjuration cantrip;1 action;30 feet;V 0;Mage Hand;Conjuration cantrip;1 action;30 feet;V
1;Magic Missile(CAN CAST WITHOUT SPELL SLOT ONCE PER DAY);1st level Evocation;1 action;120 feet;V 1;Magic Missile(CAN CAST WITHOUT SPELL SLOT ONCE PER DAY);1st level Evocation;1 action;120 feet;V