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Defend & Maneuver

When you defend and maneuver, you’re protecting yourself or others, focusing on the environment and advantages you can build or disadvantages you can inflict.
You change your position, maybe try to escape, maybe get to higher ground.
You’re not attacking directly, but you do your best to block enemy blows.
This approach isn’t as aggressive as advance and attack, but it isn’t as standoffish as evade and observe. It’s a solid, resistant, tactical approach.

Approach Defend & Maneuver


Mark 1-fatigue to ready yourself or your environment, assigning or clearing a fictionally appropriate status of nearby characters or yourself.

Basic Defend & Maneuver


Steel yourself for their blows.
Each time a foe inflicts fatigue, a condition, or shifts your balance in this exchange, inflict 1-fatigue on that foe.

Basic Defend & Maneuver

Seize a Position

Move to a new location.
Engage/disengage with a foe, overcome a negative status or danger, establish an advantageous position, or escape the scene.
Any foe engaged with you can mark 1-fatigue to block this technique.

Basic Defend & Maneuver

Water Sphere Shield*

Surround yourself with a sphere of water to deflect attacks and return fire.
Mark between 1 and 3-fatigue, your choice, and hold 1 for each fatigue you mark.
Spend your hold to block the next 2-fatigue, 1 condition, or negative status you would suffer.
As long as you have hold, you are Empowered.

Waterbending Defend & Maneuver

Water Cloak*

Surround yourself with water, mark fatigue and hold 3.
Spend your hold 1-for-1 to reduce the 1-fatigue or conditions inflicted by an incoming attack by 1,
to become Favored for the next exchange, as long as you use waterbending techniques,
or to throw water into the environment, affecting it and possibly inflicting a status.
Mark 1-fatigue at the end of each exchange to maintain the hold to the next exchange.

Waterbending Defend & Maneuver

Ice Gauntlet

Cover your hand with a sheathe of ice.
Become Prepared.
When you next make an attack, inflict an additional 1-fatigue.

Universal Defend & Maneuver


Protect an ally within reach.
Mark 1-fatigue to intercept and stop an attack made against them in this exchange,
if no attack is made against them in this exchange, you both become Inspired.

Universal Defend & Maneuver

Flow as Water

Use a jet of water to propel you smoothly around obstacles.
Mark 1-fatigue and move to a new location.
If you engage with or disengage from a foe, they are Impaired.

Waterbending Defend & Maneuver