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Ring of the Brute

Weight: 0lb.

Bludgeon Brawl: You gain a +1 bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls made unarmed strikes.

Siege Strike (3/day): When making an attack against an inanimate object you gain a +5 bonus to your attack roll and deal an additional 1d10 Bludgeoning damage.

Ring Uncommon

Ring of the Chaosweaver

Weight: 0lb.

Throes of Chaos: Whenever you cast a cantrip spell, roll a d20. If the result is equal or lower than 1 (+ 1 for each subsequent time this ability triggered without causing a magical effect), roll on the Minor Wild Magic Surge table to create a magical effect.

Ring Uncommon

Ring of the Arcanist

Weight: 0lb.

Elite Spellbinder: You can use the Ring of the Arcanist as a spellcasting focus.

Blazing Volley (3/day):When making a ranged spell attack with a cantrip that targets a single creature you can choose to target any number of creatures in a 10ft. range of that creature instead.

Ring Uncommon

Ring of the Bone Seer

Weight: 0lb.

Glimpse the Unthinkable: During a long rest you can disassemble the Ring of the Bone Seer into a set of scrying bones. You can attempt to glimpse the future by tossing the bones. When you do so roll a d20 and add your wisdom modifier. If the result is 11 or higher you foresee a favorable future, note the result of the roll (without the your wisdom modifier). When making an attack roll, an ability check or a saving throw in following 24 hours you can use the noted number for that roll instead. If the result is 10 or lower the roll is noted by the DM and allows them to use it instead of one of your attack rolls, ability checks or saving throws.

Ring Rare

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