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Crashing Wave Cut

  • casting time1 Attack
  • range Self (wave: weapon’s range + 5 feet)

Focus Cost: 3+
Your weapon rakes across your foes’ flesh, threatening them with a bloody gash that is sure to slow their movements and leave them reeling.

Mandatory Movement: 10 feet before the attack

Weapon Used: Any melee weapon or unarmed

Make a multitarget melee weapon attack against all creatures in range. On hit, a creature in range takes your weapon’s damage plus your ability
modifier. Additionally, it suffers the maimed condition (–10 feet. of speed and disadvantage on Dexterity saving throws, removed after it regains HP) for 1 minute.
Bonus Effects: If you use a weapon that deals slashing damage, each creature you hit also cannot use reactions until the end of its next turn.
If you spent at least 4 focus points, increase the
range to “weapon’s range + 10 feet.”
If you spent at least 6 focus points, increase the
range to “weapon’s range + 15 feet.”

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