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Fueled by anger

Mark Angry to use an additional basic or mastered technique when you advance and attack, even on a miss.
While Angry is marked, take +1 ongoing to intimidate others.
Remember that you can’t mark Angry if it’s already marked.

Hammer Move

Stand and fight!

When you provoke an NPC opponent into attacking you, roll with Passion.
On a hit, they’re coming at you specifically.
On a 10+, you’re ready for them,
clear a condition or become Prepared.
On a miss, they take advantage of your provocation to strike a blow where you least expect it.
You can use the move to start a whole new fight, or you can use it between exchanges to try to get an opponent to pay attention to you, first and foremost.
On a miss, the GM will tell you where they strike the blow, and how.

Hammer Move

Assess a Situation

When you assess a situation, roll with Creativity. On a 7–9, ask one question. On a 10+, ask two. Take +1 ongoing when acting on the answers.
• What here can I use to _________?
• Who or what is the biggest threat?
• What should I be on the lookout for?
• What’s my best way out/in/through?
• Who or what is in the greatest danger?

Basic Move

Rely on Your Skills & Training

When you rely on your skills and training to overcome an obstacle, gain new insight, or perform a familiar custom, roll with Focus. On a hit, you do it. On a 7–9, you do it imperfectly— the GM tells you how your approach might lead to unexpected consequences, accept those consequences or mark 1-fatigue.

Basic Move

Guide and Comfort

When you try to honestly guide and comfort another person, roll with Harmony. On a hit, they choose one:
• They embrace your guidance and comfort. They may clear a condition or 2-fatigue, and you may ask one question, they must answer honestly.
• They shut you down. They inflict a condition on you, and you shift their balance in response.
On a 10+, if they embrace your guidance and comfort, you may also shift their balance.

Basic Move


When you plead with an NPC who cares what you think for help, support, or action, roll with Harmony.
On a 7–9, they need something more—evidence that this is the right course, guidance in making the right choices, or resources to aid them—before they act, the GM tells you what they need.
On a 10+, they act now and do their best until the situation changes.

Basic Move

Push Your Luck

When you push your luck in a risky situation, say what you want to do and roll with Passion.
On a hit, you do it, but it costs you to scrape by, the GM tells you what it costs you.
On a 10+, your boldness pays off despite the cost, the GM tells you what other lucky opportunity falls in your lap.

Basic Move


When you trick an NPC, roll with Creativity. On a hit, they fall for it and do what you want for the moment.
On a 7–9, pick one.
On a 10+, pick two.
• They stumble, take +1 forwardto acting against them.
• They act foolishly, the GM tells you whatadditional opportunity they give you.
• They overcommit, they aredeceived for some time.

Basic Move


When you take appropriate action to help a companion, mark 1-fatigue to give them a +1 to their roll (after the roll).
You cannot help ina combat exchange in this way.

Basic Move


When you intimidate an NPC into backing off or giving in, roll with Passion.
On a hit, they choose one.
On a 10+, first, you pick one they cannot choose.
• They run to escape or get backup.
• They back down but keep watch.
• They give in with a few stipulations.
• They attack you, but off-balance, the GM marks a condition on them.

Basic Move