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Wristwraps Of Furious Devotion

Increasing Vengeance: Whenever you hit a hostile creature with a melee attack you gain 1 charge.

Vengeance Untamed (1 bonus action): You can expend 5 charges to gain a 1d4 bonus to your next attack roll. On a hit that attack deals an additional 1d10 Force damage and regains an additional charge.

Vengeance Unleashed (1 action): You can expend 10 charges from to release a shockwave in a 10ft. range around you dealing 2d4 Force Damage to each creature. All affected creatures make a DC14 Dexterity Saving Throw. On a failed save a creature takes 2d4 Force Damage, is pushed back 5ft. and lands Prone. On a succesfull save a creature takes half of the damage, isn't knocked back and doesn't land prone. For each failed saving throw you regain 1 charge.

Vengeance Unbound (1 bonus action): You expend 25 charges to gain the following benefits until the beginning of your next turn:

- 1 additional action, reaction and bonus action.
- Your attacks count as magical.
- Your strength modifier is doubled.
- You gain 15ft. additional movement.
- You gain an additional charge for each hostile hit.
- You're immune to being Frightened or Charmed.

Item Rare

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