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BDSM rope

  • casting time 1 action
  • range 20 feet

  • components S
  • duration

Rope whisperer: As an action you can throw this rope at another creature that is at most large in size and unless they succede a DC 15 strength or dexterity saving throw (the target chooses) they will be restrained. The target can on their turn try to escape by making the same DC 15 strength or dexterity saving throw.

A creature except the one being restrained can try to attack the rope to end the effect early. The rope has AC 10 and 5 HP and if reduced to 0 HP the rope looses its magical effect for 1 hour. If it takes 10 or more slashing damage the item breaks along with its magical properties.

Magic Item

Fedora of mlady

  • casting time
  • range Self

  • components
  • duration Instantaneous

Nice guy: When you have this fedora equipped your charisma is increased to 18, this effect does nothing if your charisma is already 18 or higher.

Tips fedora, m'lady: When you make an charisma skill check before the outcome is determined you can activate this ability to have advantage for that skill check. This buff can be used a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus per long rest.

Attunement Magic Item

Gauntlet of Shrek

  • casting time
  • range Self

  • components
  • duration Passive

Ogre strength: Your strength is 18 while wearing these gauntlets. They have no effect if your strength is already 18 or higher.

Attunement Magic Item

+1 MC Warhammer

  • casting time 1 bonus action
  • range Melee

  • components S
  • duration Instantaneous

Cant touch this: After making a melee weapon attack with this weapon you can use your bonus action to take the disengage action. If you use this effect when you have less than 10 feet of movement left your remaining movement is set to 10 feet.

+1 Warhammer: This weapon counts as a +1 warhamm