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Steel Golem, CR 8

Steel Golem, CR 8 Large Construct, Loot Value 90, Unaligned CR 8 3,900 xp

  • Armor class 15 (Natural)
  • Hit points 114 (12d10+48)
  • Speed 30 ft.
  • STR18 (+4)
  • DEX6 (-2)
  • CON18 (+4)
  • INT8 (-1)
  • WIS9 (-1)
  • CHA14 (+2)

Damage Immunities:Fire, Poison, Psychic, NM Physical (Adamantine)

Condition Immunities:Charmed, Exhaustion, Frightened, Paralyzed, Petrified, Poisoned

Senses:Darkvision, 120ft., Psv Per 9
Social: Bluff DC 11, Bribe DC 15, 50gp
Utility: Carry 270lbs., Push 540lbs.

Languages:Giant, Hadozee

Challenge:CR 8 (3,900 xp)

Bossmode.The creature has as many Legendary Actions as it has remaining Resistances. One action = One attack. Full Round Action = 2 Actions.

Legendary Resistance (OO/day). When the Steel Golem fails a saving throw, it may choose to succeed instead.

Immutable Magic Resistance. The Golem is immune to any spell or effect that would alter its form, and has advantage on saving throws against spells and other magical effects.

Fire Absorption. Whenever the Golem is subjected to fire damage, it takes no damage and instead regains a number of hit points equal to the fire damage dealt.


Spiked Armor. The Golem is armored by swords of its defeated foes. Any creature that makes a melee attack within 5ft of the Steel Golem must make a DC 14 DEX save or take 6 Slashing damage. Creatures Grappled by or Grappling the Golem automatically fail this save.

Weapon Eater. If the Golem disarms a foe, it may use an action to fuse its weapon onto its armor, healing for the creature's total hit dice, and raising it's AC by their Proficiency. Once fused the weapon cannot be recovered. The Golem also gains any magical abilities the weapon may have had.

Ball of Spikes. Creatures within 5ft of the Golem must make a DEX save vs its Spiked Armor every time it attacks.

2x Greatsword Weapon Attack. +6 to hit, Reach 10ft.
Hit. 11 (2d6+4) Slashing damage.

Dispelling Strike. Weapon Attack. +6 to hit, Reach 10ft.
Hit. 18 (4d6+4) Force damage, and Magical effects of Level 2 or lower are automatically dispelled on hit as if hit by a Level 2 casting of Dispel Magic. Creatures concentrating on spells must roll a CON save vs the full damage of this strike to maintain concentration.

Whirlwind Attack (Recharge 6). Creatures within 10ft. must make a DC 14 DEX Save for half damage. On fail, creatures take 28 (4d8+10) Slashing damage. Creatures must then make a CON save vs half the damage to not be disarmed. Creatures not wielding weapons are knocked prone.

Succubus, CR 6

Succubus, CR 6 Medium fiend (shapecahanger), Loot Value 45, neutral evil CR 6 2,300 xp

  • Armor class 16 (Natural)
  • Hit points 66 (12d8+12)
  • Speed 30 ft., fly 60 ft.
  • STR8 (-1)
  • DEX17 (+3)
  • CON13 (+1)
  • INT15 (+2)
  • WIS12 (+1)
  • CHA20 (+5)

Save Throws:CHA +8,

Skills:Stealth +9, Percep. +7, Survival +4, Deception +11, Persuasion +11,

Damage Resistances:cold, fire, lightning, poison, bludgeoning, piercing and slashing from nonmagical weapons

Senses:Darkvision 60 ft., Psv Per 17
Social: Bluff DC 16, Bribe DC 22, 35gp
Utility: Carry 120lbs., Push 240lbs.

Languages: Abyssal, Common, Infernal, telepathy 60 ft.

Challenge:CR 6 (2,300 xp)

Telepathic Bond. The fiend ignores the range restriction on its telepathy when communicating with a creature it has charmed. The two don't even need to be on the same plane of existence.


Claw. Natural Weapon. +8 to hit.
Hit. 3 (1d6+3) Slashing damage.

Eldritch Bow. Spell Attack, +8 to hit, Range 150/600.
Hit: 12 (1d6+8) Force damage.

Charm. One humanoid the fiend can see within 40ft of it must succeed on a DC 16 WIS Save or be magically charmed until the end of their next long rest after 24hrs. The charmed target obeys the fiend's verbal or telepathic commands. If the target suffers any harm or receives a suicidal command, it can repeat the saving throw, ending the effect on a success. If the target successfully saves against the effect, or if the effect on it ends, the target is immune to this fiend's Charm for the next 24 hours. The fiend can have only charmed at a time. If it charms another, the effect on the previous target ends.

Draining Kiss. The fiend kisses a willing (or charmed) creature. The target must make a DC 16 CON Save, taking 16 (2d10+5) psychic damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one. The target's hit point maximum is reduced by an amount equal to the damage taken. This reduction lasts until the target finishes a long rest. The target dies if this effect reduces its hit point maximum to 0. If a charmed creature was slain in this way, the creature's soul is captured by the Succubus until released through the fiend's death or choice.

Etherealness. The fiend magically enters the Ethereal Plane from the Material Plane, or vice versa.

Mercenary Swashbuckler, CR 4

Mercenary Swashbuckler, CR 4 Medium Humanoid, Loot Value 10, Unaligned CR 4 1,100 xp

  • Armor class 18 (Breastplate, Shield)
  • Hit points 75 (10d8+30)
  • Speed 30ft.
  • STR14 (+2)
  • DEX20 (+5)
  • CON16 (+3)
  • INT9 (-1)
  • WIS11 (0)
  • CHA14 (+2)

Save Throws:STR +4, CON +5,

Skills:Athletics +6, Acrobatics +7, Stealth +7, Percep. +2, Deception +4, Intimidation +6,

Senses:Psv Per 12, Bluff DC 12, Bribe DC 16, 6gp
Utility: Carry 210lbs., Push 420lbs.


Challenge:CR 4 (1,100 xp)

Cunning Action. The Swashbuckler can Dash, Disengage, or Hide as a Bonus Action.


Multiattack. The Swashbuckler makes one Sneak Attack or 2 Attacks with their Rapier or Pistol.

Rapier. Weapon Attack. +7 to hit.
Hit. 14 (2d8+5) Piercing damage.

Pistol. Weapon Attack. +2 to hit, Range 30/120
Hit. 32 (2d6+25) Piercing damage.

Sneak Attacker. In lieu of all extra attacks, the Swashbuckler may add 14 (4d6) to the damage of one of its weapon attacks.

Duelist. In lieu of one extra attack, the Swashbuckler can add 5 (1d8) to the damage of a weapon and force a save against one of the following conditions.
Disarm, DC 15 STR save. Failure by five or more and the Swashbuckler grabs the weapon.
Prone or Push. DC 15 DEX save, Failure to beat a 15 gets both.
Parry. Swashbuckler gains Disengage and adds 5 (1d8) to it's AC.
Distracting Strke. DC 15 WIS save. All attacks against victim have advantage until end of Swashbuckler's next turn. Failure to beat a 15 grants disadvantage on saves.
Taunt. DC 15 CHA save. Target cannot move beyond 40ft from the Swashbuckler until the end of their next turn.
Gut Punch. DC 15 CON save, or target is Poisoned until the end of the Swashbuckler's next turn.


Mage Slayer. The Swashbuckler may make an Opportunity Attack if a creature casts a spell within 20ft of it. The creature must make a Concentration check vs half the damage for the spell to succeed in casting.

Mage, CR 4

Mage, CR 4 Medium humanoid (any race), Loot Value 250, any alignment CR 4 1,100 xp

  • Armor class 15 (Mage Armor)
  • Hit points 44 (8d8+8)
  • Speed 30
  • STR9 (-1)
  • DEX14 (+2)
  • CON13 (+1)
  • INT17 (+3)
  • WIS12 (+1)
  • CHA11 (0)

Save Throws:INT +6, WIS +4,

Skills:Arcana + 6, History + 6,

Senses:Psv Per 16, Bluff DC 11, Bribe DC 17, 900 gp, Carry 135lbs., Push 270lbs.

Languages: any four languages

Challenge:CR 4 (1,100 xp)

Wild Magic. Mage has been touched by Wild Magic, and now checks for Wild Magic surges on Natural 1's, Critical Hits, and Spellcasting. They gain advantage on saving throws vs spells.

Superior Senses. The Mage sees through through magical darkness, and has advantage on Perception checks.

Black Blooded. Whenever the Mage takes damage, they are surrounded by a 5ft of magical darkness until the start of their next turn.


DaggerWand. Weapon Attack. +5 to hit, Range 20/60 ft.,
Hit. 5 (1d4+2) piercing damage.

Fire Bolt +6 to hit, Range 120ft,
Hit. 6 (1d10) Fire Damage.

Disarming Missile. The mage creates 3 darts of magical force. Each deals 7 (1d6+3) force damage to its target, and the target must make a DC 14 STR save or drop one of the things it is holding.

Firebomb (Recharge 4). Each creature in a 25ft radius sphere make a DC 14 DEX Save, taking 28 (8d6) fire damage on a failed save, half on success.

Elemental Storm (Recharge 5). A hail of rock-hard elements pounds to the ground in a 30-foot-radius, 60-foot-high cylinder centered on a point within range. Each creature in the cylinder must make a DC 14 DEX Save, taking taking 27 (6d8) Elemental and Bludgeoning damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a successful one.
Remains of the storm's area of effect turn the area into difficult terrain until the end of the Mage's next turn.

Elemental Blast (Recharge 6). Each creature in a 80ft. cone must make a DC 14 CON Save. A creature takes 36 (8d8) elemental damage on a failed save, or half as much damage on a success. A creature killed by this spell becomes a paralyzed until cured by a Level 3 Restoration spell or higher.

Spells Per Day
Mage knows 11 spells and 4 Cantrips through INT.
Their Spell Save DC is 14 and their Spell Attack mod is +6
Spell Points. 44 ===Spell Slots.===
L1: OOOO, L2: OOO, L3: OOO, L4: OO

Scout, CR 4

Scout, CR 4 Medium humanoid (any race), Loot Value 1k, any alignment CR 4 1,100 xp

  • Armor class 15 (Leather)
  • Hit points 59 (9d8+18)
  • Speed 30 ft.
  • STR11 (0)
  • DEX18 (+4)
  • CON14 (+2)
  • INT11 (0)
  • WIS13 (+1)
  • CHA11 (0)

Skills:Stealth + 8, Nature + 4, Perception + 5, Survival + 5,

Senses:Psv Per 20, Bluff DC 11, Bribe DC 15, 4k gp, Carry 165lbs., Push 330lbs.

Languages: any one language (usually Common

Challenge:CR 4 (1,100 xp)

Keen Hearing and Sight. The scout has advantage on Wis (Perception) checks that rely on hearing or sight.

Nimble Shooter. The Scout may Hide, Dash, and Disenage as a Bonus Action. It also ignores cover on all attacks.

Evasion. The Scout can use it's reaction to halve the damage from one attack, takes no damage from successful DEX Saves and half from failed saves.


Sneak Attack. If the Scout has advantage on their attack, or has an ally within 5ft of their target, they can add (14) 4d6 to one of these attacks.

2x Shortsword or Handbow Multiattack +6 to hit.,Range 30/120
Hit. 11 (2d6+4) piercing damage.

2x Longbow Multiattack., +6 to hit, Range 150/600 ft.,
Hit. 13 (2d8+4) piercing damage.

Crossbow., +6 to hit, Range 60/600 ft.,
Hit. 19 (4d6+5) piercing damage.
Knockout Bolt. 66 (8d6+8d6+10) Sleep damage.
The bolt deals no HP damage, but if the total damage is greater than the target's current HP, they are instantly put into a magical slumber for 1 minute, or until another creature wakes them as an action.