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  • casting time 2/1 (8th)
  • range 30 feet, one willing creature

  • components V, S
  • duration 1 minute

The target grows to size Large. Its equipment grows with it but returns to natural size if removed. The creature is sluggish 1. Its reach increases to 10 and it gains a +2 bonus to melee damage.
Hatchi gets 10HP/lvl and return to tiny when they get to 0.

Heightened (4th) Grows to size Huge. The bonus to melee damage +4 and reach increases to 15. Hatchi gets 15HP/lvl.

Heightened (6th) As level 4 but you can target up to 10 creatures.
The target shrinks to size Tiny. Its equipment shrinks with it, but returns to natural size if removed. Their reach changes to 0 feet. You advantage on stealth checks.

Heightened (6th) You can target up to 10 creatures instead of just one.

Sorceress Polymorph, Transmutation

Shocking Grasp

  • casting time 2/1 (5th)
  • range Touch & one creature

  • components V, S
  • duration

On a hit, the target takes electricity damage equal to 1d12 plus your spellcasting ability modifier.
If the target is wearing metal armor or is made of metal, you gain a +1 circumstance bonus to your attack roll with shocking grasp and the target takes 1d6 persistent electricity damage on a hit.

On a critical hit, double the damage, but not the persistent damage.

Heightened (+1) The damage increases by 1d12 and the persistent electricity damage increases by 1.

Sorceress Electricity, Evocation


  • casting time 2/1 (5th)
  • range 30-foot aura, you and allies in the aura

  • components V, S
  • duration Concentration, up to 1 minute

Blessings from beyond make your companions potent.

They gain a +1 conditional bonus to attack rolls.

Bless can dispel bane.

Sorceress Enchantment, Mental

Charming Touch

  • casting time 2/1 (5th)
  • range Touch & one female humanoid creature

  • components V, S
  • duration 1 hour or until dismissed / 1 round

(1 Focus Point) You infuse your target with love or lust, causing it to act friendlier. On a successful touch attack roll, the target attempts a Will save, with a +4 circumstance bonus if you or your allies recently threatened or acted hostile to it and a –2 circumstance penalty if you critically succeed on the attack roll or it allows you to touch it.
See charm for other specifities.

Success : No effect.
Critical Success : No effect & know about the charm.
Fail : Target falls in love or lust for 1rnd.
Crit Fail : Lust for 1rnd then target falls in love.

Heightened (4th) You can target any creature, not just humanoids.

( Lust : Target must spend all actions going toward source of the effect and cuddle her. )

Mellithan Emotion, Enchantment, Mental


  • casting time 1 or more
  • range See text

  • components S +
  • duration

You restore Hit Points equal to 1d8 plus your spellcasting ability modifier to a willing living target, or deal that amount of positive damage to an undead target. You can add action to alter the effect.

• Somatic Casting The spell has a range of touch. You must succeed at a melee touch attack to damage an undead target.
• Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting The spell has a range of 30 feet and doesn t require a touch attack when targeting an undead creature. An undead target must attempt a Fortitude save, taking half damage on a success, no damage on a critical success, or double damage on a critical failure.
• Material Casting, Somatic Casting, Verbal Casting You disperse positive energy in a 30-foot aura. This has the same effect as the two-action version, but it targets all living and undead creatures in the burst and reduces the amount of healing or damage to your spellcasting ability modifier.

Heightened (+1) The amount of healing or damage increases by 1d8, or by 2d8 if you re using the 1- or 2-action version to heal the living.

Sorceress Healing, Necromancy, Positive

Hideous Laughter

  • casting time 2/1 (8th)
  • range 30 feet, one living creature

  • components V, S
  • duration Concentration

The target is overtaken with uncontrollable laughter, based on the outcome of its Will saving throw.

Success : The target is plagued with fits of laugher. It can t take reactions.

Critical Success : Unaffected.

Failure : The target is overcome with fits of laughter. It is slowed 1 and can t take reactions.

Critical Failure : The target falls prone and can t take any actions or reactions for 1 round, then suffers the failure effects.

Sorceress Emotion, Enchantment, Mental

Gust of Wind

  • casting time 2/1 (8th)
  • range 60-foot line

  • components V, S
  • duration Concentration, up to 1 minute

A violent wind issues forth from your outstretched palm, blowing from the point where you are when you cast the spell to the line s opposite end.

The wind extinguishes small nonmagical fires, disperses fog and mist, blows around objects of light Bulk or less, and pushes larger objects.

Large or smaller creatures in the area must attempt a Fortitude save. Large or smaller creatures that move into the gust later must attempt the save on entering.

Success: The creature can t move against the wind.
Crit. Success Unaffected.
Fail: Knocked prone. If it was flying, it suffers the effects of critical failure instead.
Critical Fail : Pushed 30 feet in the wind direction, knocked prone, and takes 2d6 bludgeoning damage.

Sorceress Air, Evocation

Illusory Object

  • casting time 2/1 (5th)
  • range 500 feet, 20-foot burst

  • components V, S
  • duration 10 minutes

You create an illusory visual image of a stationary object. The entire image must fit within the spell s area. The object appears to animate naturally, but it doesn t make sounds or generate smells. For example, water would appear to pour down an illusory waterfall, but it would be silent.

Any creature that touches the image or uses the Seek action to examine it can attempt to disbelieve your illusion.

Heightened (2nd) Your image makes appropriate sounds, generates normal smells, and feels right to the touch. The spell gains the auditory trait. The duration increases to 1 hour.

Heightened (3nd) As the 2nd-level version, but the duration is 24 hours.

Heightened (5th) As the 2nd-level version, but the duration is unlimited.

Sorceress Illusion, Visual, ( Auditory )

Feather Fall

  • casting time 0 / Reaction
  • range 60 feet, one falling creature

  • components V
  • duration 1 minute or until dismissed

The target s fall slows to 60 feet per round, and the portion of the fall during the spell s duration doesn t count when calculating falling damage.

If the target reaches the ground while the spell is in effect, it takes no damage from the fall. The spell is dismissed as soon as the target lands.

Heightened (3nd) You can target up to three creatures.

Sorceress Abjuration

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