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Wallrabenstein's Animated Paper

  • casting time 1 action
  • range 5 feet

  • components V, S
  • duration 1 hour

(A small piece of paperlike material) You magically fold and animate a small piece of paper or similiar material within range. You can have 1 piece of origami active:

Boat: The boat floats on water. You can mentally direct it to move at a speed of 5 feet per round. The boat is able to carry a single object that weighs up to 1 pound.

Crane: The crane has a fly speed of 10 feet. You can mentally direct it to move or name a location within 1 mile that you know of. The crane will fly there and land, becoming inert.

Dog: You can mentally direct the dog to move. If a hostile creature moves to within 10 feet of it, the dog moves towards it at 5 feet per round and gives off a loud bark. Then it unfolds itself and becomes inert.

Flower: The flower is controlled by the time of day. It is open at day and closed at night.

Lute: You can whisper or play a short tune to it, which it will repeat for the duration of the spell. Then the lute unfolds itself and becomes inert.

Bard Transmutation Cantrip

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