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Spell Transfer

  • casting time 1 Reaction
  • range 100ft

  • components
  • duration

When Strummer casts a spell with a range of touch, Lillith can deliver the spell as if she had cast it. She must be within 100 feet of Strummer, and she must use her reaction to deliver the spell when he casts it. If the spell requires an attack roll, use Strummer's attack modifier for the roll.

Ghost Fox

Minor Possession

  • casting time 1 Action
  • range 30ft

  • components
  • duration

Lillith can attempt a Charisma check to possess an object, with a DC determined by the object's size (12-15 for tiny to small objects, 16-20 for medium to large objects, 21-35 for huge to gargantuan objects). On success, she can perform minor movements like shaking or rocking as an action. When possessing an object, Lillith effectively has no STR, DEX, or CON and must instead will the object's very atoms into movement. Therefore, greater movements like rolling or jumping require further CHA rolls. During possession, Lillith can't be targeted by any attack, spell, or other effect, except ones that turn undead, and she retains her alignment, Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma. On a failed possession, Lillith ends her turn and takes 1d10 force damage. If an object that Lillith has possessed breaks, she leaps from its remains. At higher levels, Lillith can attempt to possess the limbs of corporeal creatures and the entire bodies of tiny creatures.

Ghost Fox Enchantment

Fox Fire

  • casting time 1 Action
  • range 120ft

  • components
  • duration 1 Minute

Lillith takes an action to create up to four torch-sized blue flames within 120 feet for a duration of up to one minute. They appear either as ordinary flames (but, you know, blue) or as small, burning foxes. She can also combine the lights to make larger burning flames or foxes. Whichever form they take, each flame casts blue light in a 20-foot radius around it. As a bonus action on her turn, she can move the flames up to 60 feet to a new spot within range. One flame must be within 20 feet of another created by this spell, and a flame fizzles out if it exceeds the spell's range. Upon touching one of the flames, a creature must make a Charisma saving throw against a DC equal to Lillith's Charisma plus Deception modifier. If the throw fails, the creature takes no damage, but it believes it has touched a real flame and must spend one action on its next turn attempting put itself out, unless the spell ends prior to the creature's turn, in which case, it realizes that it has not been harmed.

Ghost Fox Illusion


  • casting time 1 Action
  • range

  • components
  • duration Up to 30 Minutes

Once per short rest for up to thirty minutes, or once per long rest for up to an hour, Strummer can take an action to warg into Lillith, controlling her actions and movement. He gains all of her sensory benefits, stats, and features during this time. While warging, Strummer loses all sense of his own surroundings and his body goes limp, leaving him prone and vulnerable until he de-wargs and reenters his body. If Lillith's ghost is destroyed during this time, Strummer returns to his body, and Lillith vanishes until he casts the Recall Lillith spell again.

Ghost Fox Divination


  • casting time 1 Action
  • range Touch

  • components
  • duration Instantaneous

(Some dead organic matter) Lillith can possess dead organic matter and cause up to ten softly luminescent mushrooms to grow from it. These mushrooms are infused with magic for the duration. A creature can use its action to eat one shroom, restoring 1 hit point and providing nourishment to sustain a creature for one day. The shrooms lose their potency if they have not been consumed within 24 hours of the casting of this spell. Each shroom causes occasional hallucinations over the next six hours, which are manageable after one, but they become distracting and sometimes frightening at higher doses. For each shroom a creature eats over a six-hour period, it throws WIS, starting with a DC 8 for the first shroom, starting with the second, for each subsequent shoom eaten over the following six hours, DC increases by 2. On a failed throw, the creature is frightened for six hours after the last shroom it ate or until calmed by a spell such as Power Word Heal.

Ghost Fox Conjuration

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