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Radiant Weapons

  • casting time 1 bonus action
  • range 5 feet

  • components Transformation
  • duration Instantaneous

Radiant Weapons. When you transform, you may choose to summon one or more weapons from the list below:

Up to two thrown weapons which, if thrown, dissipate and reappear in your hands at the end of your turn.
Any nonmagical weapon with the ammunition property, which has unlimited ammunition.
Two light weapons.
Up to two one-handed weapons, or one-handed weapon and a shield.
A two-handed weapon.
These weapons are made of radiant energy, and shed bright light in a 5-foot radius. Since these weapons are made of light, they deal radiant damage, instead of their normal damage type. These radiant weapons cannot be wielded by anyone other than you, and dissipate as soon as they leave your hand.

While you are wielding your radiant weapons, you may transform your current weapon (or weapons) into a different option on the list above, or dispel your radiant weapons completely, as a bonus action. If you do not have your radiant weapons in hand, you may use your action to conjure them.

Magical Girl Conjuration cantrip

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