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  • casting time1 Action
  • range5ft.

  • componentsS, V
  • durationUntil Dispelled

Weight: 0lb.-1000lb.

Boulderize: The Port-A-Boulder apears as a small, runestone. As an action you can speal the command. Upon doing so the stone will transfor into a 10ft. Cubic runed builder.

Hurl: When used as a weapon the Porta-Boulder can be thrown up to 30ft. a creature standing in the targeted space must succeed a DC12 Dexterity saving throw or take 3D6 bludgeoning damage

Item Uncommon

Cane Of Inclement

Weight: 4lb.

Anti-Precipitation Incantation: You can speak a command word to make a spectral umbrella screen apear at the tip of the cane. The screen is permeable by anything other than non-viscous liquids.

Item,, Uncommon

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