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Umbral Storm

  • casting time Action
  • range 120ft.

  • components V,S
  • duration C, up to 1 minute

(None) You create a channel to a region of the Plane of Shadow that is inimical to life and order. A storm of dark, raging entropy fills a 20ft. radius sphere centered on a point you can see within range. Any creature that starts its turn in the storm or enters it for the first time on its turn takes 6d8 necrotic damage and gains one level of exhaustion, a successful constitution saving throw halves the damage and prevents the exhaustion.

You can use a bonus action on your turn to move the area of the storm 30ft. in any direction.

9th-Level Necromancy

Circle of Devastation

  • casting time Action
  • range 1 Mile

  • components V,S,M
  • duration C, up to 1 minute

A metal ring

You create a 10ft. tall, 20ft. radius cylinder of destructive energy around a point you can see within range. The area is difficult terrain. When you cast this spell and as a free action on each of your turns, you can choose one of the following damage types: cold, fire, lightning, necrotic, or radiant. Each creature or object that is inside the cylinder when it's created or ends its turn there takes 6d6 damage of the chosen type, or half the damage with a successful Constitution saving throw. A creature or object dropped to 0 hit points by the spell is reduced to fine ash. And walls of force and similar constructs within the area of this spell are dissolved immediately. The cylinder's radius expands by 20ft. at the start of each of your turns after the spell is cast. Any creatures or objects enveloped by the enlarged area suffer the effects immediately.

9th-Level Evocation


  • casting time Action
  • range 500ft.

  • components V,S,M
  • duration C, up to 1 minute

A shard of obsidian

You point to an area of ground or a similar surface within range. A geyser of lava erupts from the chosen spot. The geyser is 5ft. in diameter and 40ft. high. Each creature in the cylinder when it erupts or at the start of your turn takes 10d8 fire damage, or half as much on a successful dexterity saving throw. The geyser also forms a pool of lava at its base. Initially the pool is the same size as the geyser, but at the start of each of your turns for the duration, the pool's radius increases by 5ft. A creature in the pool, but not in the geyser takes 5d8 fire damage at the start of your turn. When a creature leaves the pool, its speed is reduced by half and it has disadvantage on dexterity saving throws until an action is used to break the hardened stone away. If you maintain concentration for the full minute, the lava geyser and pool harden into nonmagical stone and creatures within become restrained until the stone is broken.

9th-Level Evocation

Blade of Disaster

  • casting time Bonus Action
  • range 60ft.

  • components V,S
  • duration C, up to 1 Minute

(None) You create a blade-shaped planar rift about 3 feet long in an unoccupied space you can see within range. The blade lasts for the duration. When you cast this spell, you can make up to two melee spell attacks with the blade, each one against a creature, loose object, or structure within 5 feet of the blade. On a hit, the target takes 4d12 force damage. This attack scores a critical hit if the number on the d20 is 18 or higher. On a critical hit, the blade deals an extra 8d12 force damage (for a total of 12d12 force damage).

As a bonus action on your turn, you can move the blade up to 30 feet to an unoccupied space you can see and then make up to two melee spell attacks with it again. The blade can harmlessly pass through any barrier, including a Wall of Force.

9th-Level Conjuration

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