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A4 portrait 9 cards
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i Aran i Corfe

  • casting time 1 Aktion
  • range 36 m

  • components V,G
  • duration unmittelbar

Neledh Chorvath'nin Ellerain no i menel,

Odo'ni Nauhírath ne rynd gonui în,

Neder'ni Fîr Fírib beraid fíred,

Êr am Morchír ned morn-orchamm dîn

Ne Dor e-Mordor ias i-nDúath caedar.

Er-chorf hain torthad bain, Er-chorf hain hired,

Er-chorf hain toged bain a din fuin hain nuded

Ne Dor e-Mordor ias i-nDúath caedar

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