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Crimson Rite

  • casting time Bonus Action
  • range Self

  • components Your Dang Blood
  • duration Until Next Rest

Rite of Flame -
+1 Hemocraft Die's worth of FIRE damage

(OotGS) Rite of The Dawn-
+1 Hemocraft Die's worth of RADIANT damage.
- Your weapon sheds light out to a radius of 20 ft.
- You roll 2 Hemocraft Die when you hit an Undead.

You learn to invoke a rite of hemocraft within your weapon at the cost of your own vitality.

Activate a crimson rite on a single weapon with the elemental energy of a known rite, or if you aren’t holding the weapon at the end of your turn. When you activate a rite, you lose a number of hit points equal to one roll of your level's Hemocraft Die.

For the duration, attacks from this weapon deal an additional Hemocraft Die of magical damage of the chosen rite’s type. A weapon can only hold a single active rite at a time.

Blood Hunter Class Feature

Blood Maledict - Curse of the fallen puppet

  • casting time Reaction
  • range 30ft.

  • components n/a
  • duration Instant

You have the ability to channel, and sometimes sacrifice, a part of your vital essence to curse and manipulate creatures through Hemocraft magic.

Curse of the Fallen Puppet -
When a creature you can see within range drops to 0 hit points, you can give that creature a final act of aggression. That creature immediately makes a single weapon attack against a target of your choice within its attack range.

Amplify -
You can first move the cursed creature up to half their speed, and you grant a bonus to the cursed creature’s attack roll equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum of +1).

Order of the Ghostslayer allows +1 use of your Blood Maledict per short or long rest.

Blood Hunter Class Feature Reaction

Hand Crossbow

  • casting time Action
  • range 5 ft.

  • components n/a
  • duration Action

Attack Bonus = (DEX+ PROF)

On Hit, deals piercing damage =(1d6+ DEX)

Blood Hunter Ranged Attack


  • casting time Action
  • range 5 ft.

  • components n/a
  • duration Action

Attack Bonus = (STR+ PROF)

On Hit, deals piercing damage = (1d6+ STR+ 2)

(Dueling Fighting Style Bonus)

Blood Hunter Melee Attack

2 2
2 2