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  • casting time 1 action
  • range 5 Meter Radius

  • components Difficulty: 10
  • duration 3 Rounds

Every ally in range adds +1 to a chosen attribute.

Increasing Strength or Spirit does not increase the derived statistics of Toughness and Shock, however.

Good: Duration increases to 1 minute.

Outstanding: As Good, plus attribute increases +2.

Axiom: Spirit 9 Faith 10


  • casting time 1 action
  • range 10 meter radius

  • components Difficulty: Targets Willpower/Spirit
  • duration Instant

Creatures affected fade into nothing for 15 minutes.

Good: Affected entities are banished for one hour.

Outstanding: Affected entities are banished for one day.

Axiom: Spirit 9 Faith 12


  • casting time 1 action
  • range Touch

  • components Difficulty: 10
  • duration Instant

Heal 1 Wound, all Shock, and remove KO.

Good: Heal 2 Wounds.

Outstanding: Heal 3 Wounds.

Axiom: Spirit 10 Faith: 10

Ward Enemy

  • casting time 1 action
  • range 5 Meter Radius

  • components Difficulty: 10
  • duration Concentration

Allies within five meters add +1 to their defenses versus supernaturally evil creatures and their interactions and attacks.

Good: Add +2 to all defenses.

Outstanding: As Good, plus a supernaturally evil creature that fails an attack becomes Stymied.

Special: In addition to supernaturally evil creatures, the ward enemy miracle invoked by a worshiper of the Cyberpapacy functions against any character with any Spellcaster Perk or spellcasting Special Ability.

Axiom: Spirit 8 Faith: 8

Battle Vigil

  • casting time 6 hours (see below)
  • range Self

  • components Difficulty: 10
  • duration 24 hours

Spend the night constantly praying, with no interruptions for traveling, eating, or sleeping, unless it is to fend off an attack. At least 6 hours must be spent praying, and then the miracle is invoked at sunrise.

Failure: Caster is Fatigued and takes 2 Shock that may not be recovered in any manner until he defeats an enemy in battle.

On a success the caster reduces any damage during any Dramatic Scene by 1 Shock.

Success Levels:

Good: Damage and Fatigue is reduced by 1 Shock.

Outstanding: Damage or Fatigue is reduced by 2 Shock.

Axiom: Spirit 8 Faith 10

First Strike

  • casting time 1 action
  • range Self

  • components Difficulty: 10
  • duration 3 rounds

The holy warrior (and only he) takes his actions each round before anyone else acts. This overrides the initiative line on the Drama card. If characters from both the Hero and Villain side have an ability that allows them to go first, those characters act according to the Initiative Line, and then the rest of the combatants act.

Success Levels:

Good: The duration increases to one minute.

Outstanding: As Good and melee attacks are Favored

Axiom: Spirit 13 Faith 12

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