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Spirit Totem

  • casting time Bonus Action
  • range Any point you can see within 60ft of you

  • components None
  • duration 1 minute (10 turns)

(Can only be cast once per short/long rest) You summon a spirit creature which creates a 30-foot radius aura around it. The spirit creature is transparent and anything can pass through it. As a bonus action, you can move the spirit up to 60 feet to a point you can see.

The effect of the spirit’s aura depends on the type of spirit you summon from the options below.

Bear Spirit - Creatures of your choice within the aura gain temporary HP equal to 5 + your druid level and advantage on Strength checks and Strength saving throws.

Hawk Spirit - You can use your character's reaction to give another creature advantage on an attack to a target that is within the aura. Creatures of your choice within the aura gain advantage on Perception checks.

Unicorn Spirit - You and anyone you choose gain advantage on detecting any creatures within the aura. If you cast a healing spell that uses a spell slot on any creature, each creature of your choice in the aura heals HP equal to your druid level.

Druid Circle of the Shepherd Feature

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