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Treemothy the Woke

Treemothy the Woke Huge plant, Loot Value 30, unaligned CR 2 450 xp

  • Armor class 13 (Natural)
  • Hit points 60 (7d12+14)
  • Speed 20 ft.
  • STR19 (+4)
  • DEX6 (-2)
  • CON15 (+2)
  • INT10 (0)
  • WIS10 (0)
  • CHA7 (-2)

Damage Resistances:bludgeoning, piercing
Damage Vulnerabilities. Fire

Senses:Psv Per 10, Bluff DC 8, Bribe DC 12, 100 gp, Carry 1140lbs.

Languages: one language known by its creator

Challenge:CR 2 (450 xp)

False Appearance. While the tree remains motionless, it is indistinguishable from a normal tree.


Slam.Melee Weapon Attack. +6 to hit, Reach 10ft.
Hit. 15 (3d6+4) Bludgeoning Damage.

Vine Whip. Melee Weapon Attack: +6 to hit, Reach 20 ft.
Hit. 15 (3d6+4) Slashing damage. Target must make a DC 13 STR Save or become Grappled by the tree, and be pulled 10ft. closer.
The tree can grapple up to 2 Targets.