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Horde of Sacrificial Zombies

Horde of Sacrificial Zombies Lerge swarm of medium undead (humanoids), Chaotic Evil 6 0 xp

  • Armor class 12 (Natural Armor)
  • Hit points (150 (10 creatures, 15 (2d8 + 6) each))
  • Speed 20 feet
  • STR 18 (+4)
  • DEX 6 (-2)
  • CON 3 (-4)
  • INT 4 (-3)
  • WIS 8 (-1)
  • CHA 5 (-3)

Save Throws: Str +7, Con +6

Damage Immunities: Poison

Condition Immunities: Prone, Poisoned, Exhausted, Restrained

Senses: Passive Perception 8, blindsight 30 feet (blind beyond 30 feet)

Languages: Understands Common

Challenge: 6 (0 xp)

Numerical Superiority: The Horde has advantage on attack rolls against creatures that are within 5 feet of at least 4 members of the Horde.
Turning Defiance: The Horde of has advantage on all saving throws to resist Turn Undead effects.


Multiattack: The Horde of Sacraficial Zombies makes 2 Thrashing Tentacles attacks if it has 75 or more hit points.
Thrashing Tentacles: +7, 4d8+4 bludgeoning, range 10 feet
Swarm: The Horde of 10 Medium creatures, which share the same pool of hit points. For each 15 damage the Horde takes, it loses a single creature. The Horde cannot regain hitpoints, or gain temporary hitpoints. Each creature in the Horde may move up to the Horde's speed, though members of the Horde must end their turn within 10 feet of another member if possible.
Single targe effects that impose a status effect instead inflict 15 unavoidable damage on the Horde on a failed save, and have no effect on a successful save. Treat effects with fixed number of targets as a series of single target effects.
The Horde makes a single saving throw for AOE effects and only takes damage from them once. The Horde has resistance to AOE damage, but the damage taken is multiplied by the number of models caught in the AOE.If the Horde makes a saving throw to end an ongoing effect, it does so with advantage.