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Alex human, lawful CITIZEN 30 99,999,999,999 xp

  • Armor class 77 (natural)
  • Hit points 99999 (1000d20)
  • Speed 50
  • STR 30 (+10)
  • DEX 30 (+10)
  • CON 30 (+10)
  • INT 50 (+20)
  • WIS 30 (+10)
  • CHA 10 (0)

Save Throws: STR +20,DEX +20, CON +20,INT +20,WIS +20,CHA +20

Skills: student FTI

Damage Resistances: stady

Damage Immunities: All

Senses: passive Perception 20

Languages: Common

Challenge: 30 (99,999,999,999 xp)

stronger than master


Solve Matan: Solves a math problem after indefinite time
Onepunch: makes vanshot hit, doesn't act on itself

Legendary Actions

sense of self-importance(ЧСВ): everyone around understand - this creature is daddy
Perfekt Inglish: everyone around understands nothing because of bad English knowledge