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War Cleric Humanoid, Chatoic Evil 0 xp

  • Armor class 21 (Plate)
  • Hit points 129 (129)
  • Speed 30
  • STR 16 (+3)
  • DEX 12 (+1)
  • CON 14 (+2)
  • INT 10 (0)
  • WIS 18 (+4)
  • CHA 10 (0)

Save Throws: +5 to WIS, CHA

Skills: +5 to Athletics, Insight, Religion

Damage Resistances: Slashing

Senses: Passive Perception 14

Languages: Common, Elvish, Abyssal, Celestial

Challenge: (0 xp)

War Priest. Your god delivers bolts of inspiration to you while you are engaged in battle. When you use the Attack action, you can make one weapon attack as a bonus action. (4/rest).

Spellcasting: Spell Save DC 17, Spell Attack Bonus +9
Cantrips: Sacred Flame
Level 1 (4): Bane, Bless, Cure Wounds
Level 2 (3): Blindness/Deafness
Level 3 (3):
Level 4 (3): Banishment
Level 5 (2): Flame Strike, Geas
Level 6 (1): Create Undead
Level 7 (1): Fire Storm


Channel Divinity (2/rest):
-Turn Undead. Undead within 30 feet must make a DC 17 Wisdom save or be turned for 1 min. or until damaged. Destroy CR 3 or less creatures who fail turn save.
-Guided Strike. When you make an attack roll, gain a +10 bonus to the roll.
-War God's Blessing. When a creature within 30 feet of you makes an attack roll, you can use your reaction to grant that creature a +10 bonus to the roll.

Divine Intervention. Call for aid from your deity, succeeding if you make a d100 roll less than or equal to 14.

Divine Strike. Infuse your weapon strikes with divine energy. Once on each of your turns when you hit a creature with a weapon attack, you can
cause the attack to deal an extra 2d8 damage of the same type.