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Tustm Medium quadruped chassis (sturdy build), Unaligned 0 xp

  • Armor class 22 (Armor plating)
  • Hit points 112 (12d8)
  • Speed 40 ft
  • STR 18 (+4)
  • DEX 10 (0)
  • CON 16 (+3)
  • INT 6 (-2)
  • WIS 10 (0)
  • CHA 5 (-3)

Skills: Athletics, Acrobatics

Damage Immunities: Poison

Condition Immunities: exhausted, charmed, poison

Senses: Darkvision 60 ft,

Languages: Understands creator’s languages, but cannot speak

Challenge: (0 xp)

Passive buffs: armor plating, high tension springs, flame spout, extra attack.

Clockwork brain: greater INT, can use magical items that you've infused, and can be infused directly which allows it to cast those spells.

Magic-imbued strikes: Tustm's attacks count as magical for the purposes of overcoming resistance.

Defensive Response: if you are attacked and the attacker is within 5 ft of Tustm, it can make a single melee attack against your attacker as a reaction.


Multiattack: Tustm makes two hooves attacks or two gore attacks.

Hooves. Melee weapon attack, range 5 ft. +8 to hit, 1d8+4 bludgeoning damage

Gore. Melee weapon attack, range 5 ft. +8 to hit, 1d6+4 piercing damage.

Flame Spout: blast of fire in a 5ft wide 60 ft long line, requires all creatures in it to make a DC 15 dex save or take 10d6 fire damage. Once per short or long rest.