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Sigil of Change

  • casting time 1 Action
  • range 60 foot Shere Centered on Caster

  • components S, M
  • duration 1 Round per Action

Casters Constitution -1

As the Caster touches on the Sigil of Change that hangs heavy in the air they hold a thought of a rule or law of reality that they want to change. Within 60 feet this law is shattered and reformed to the will of the Caster. Until the caster removes their hand from the Sigil the change remains in place given they are still standing.

The Caster takes a great toll for channeling the Sigil and must roll a d100 once per round to maintain the Sigil and its effects. The DM determines the DC of the Roll and its effects once per round.

This Spell can only be cast a single time per day for the entire party and the Constitution Score lost is regained at the end of the next Long Rest.

Chosen of the Old Ones Transmutation Sigil